Abrams Adapter Kit

CVS Adapter Kits 25 Март 2015, 09:30
The Abrams Adapter Kit combines with the CVS  Common Kit to outfit variants of the M1 series of main battle tank and can be modified for use with any contemporary main battle tank. The laser transmitter adapter mounts to the main gun or coaxial (COAX) machine-gun flash shroud and mounts the wireless laser transmitter (WLT) and other components from the CVS Common Kit to function over the wireless network as an Abrams weapons system. 

Features include the following:

• Laser transmitter adapter mounts on the COAX gun flash shroud and provides adjustable laser beam toaccount for lead/elevation angle offsets
• Embedded solar panel with rechargeable battery/recharges adapter kit components in the transit case
• Loader module mounts in the ammunition-ready storage area and provides positive training by engaging loader
• Machine gun simulators - common small arms transmitter (CSAT) with weapon-specific adapters
• Tracer effects injected into gunner’s eyepiece for