Bradley Adapter Kit

CVS Adapter Kits 25 Март 2015, 09:33
The Bradley Adapter Kit combines with the CVS  Common Kit to outfit numerous variants of the Bradley family of vehicles and can be modified to work with any contemporary infantry fighting vehicle equipped with missile and/or cannon weapons systems. Unlike the Abrams Adapter Kit, the Bradley laser transmitter adapter has aural weapons effect signature simulator 
(WESS) to replicate weapons firing.
A cable-free, tube-launched, wire-guided (TOW)  weapon effect simulator (WES) mounts in the TOW launcher. This supports realistic loading and unloading of the system. Built with safety in mind, SAIC’s cablefree TOW has multiple safety features to protect the warfighter from accidental discharge. 

Features include the following:

• Laser transmitter adapter mounts on the main gun
• Aural WESS for 25 mm firing
• Embedded solar panel with rechargeable battery
• Recharges adapter kit components in the transit