Exploranium® GR-135 Plus “Identifier” Radioisotope Identification Device

Sensitive, accurate radiation detection and nuclide identification, in a rugged handheld system for use in the field. 25 Март 2015, 09:40
The GR-135 Plus "Identifier" quickly and accurately detects and identify gamma and neutron sources in the field despite rugged terrain, harsh weather and other difficult conditions. Lightweight and rugged, the GR-135 Plus is easy to carry and use, even in tough real-world scenarios.
Lift the GR-135 Plus from its docking station and it's active in survey mode. The large, backlit display shows real-time count, count rate and dose rate in numeric and graphic format, with audio feedback for eyes-free operation. Press the joystick on the handle at any time to identify isotopes. Store thousands of time-stamped readings for later analysis. And simply return the GR-135 Plus to its docking station to recharge, recalibrate, and upload stored readings.
The GR-135 Plus is specially designed to identify special nuclear material (SNM). With its sophisticated analysis techniques, the GR-135 Plus can identify a variety of SNM isotopes despite low levels or masking.


The GR-135 Plus uses a variety of sophisticated techniques to accurately detect and identify nuclides, including a 1,024-channel high-resolution analyzer; stabilized, thermally corrected gain; and pulse pile-up rejection to reduce errors at high count rates. Users can define energy ranges to search for specific nuclides. The unit includes four predefined nuclide libraries, and Leidos can provide custom libraries for specific applications.
The unit is easy to carry and use in one hand using the thumb joystick. Typical operations are simple and automatic. The large, backlit LCD display features auto-scaling and zoom for graphs, and can display text in many languages. Audio feedback lets users search without watching the unit. Advanced users can customize alarm levels and other parameters for specific applications.
The GR-135 Plus can store thousands of time-stamped readings in non-volatile memory. Users can quickly replay and re-analyze stored readings on the unit. In its docking station, the unit can upload stored data to standard workstations for more detailed analysis using the powerful IdentiVIEW application, and for transmission and archiving.
The rugged GR-135 Plus stands up to temperature, dirt and moisture in harsh conditions and withstands the typical shock and vibration of use in the field. Leidos's annual performance service provides testing, calibration, adjustment, software upgrades and more to keep the unit operating at its best.
Leidos has provided thousands of radiation detection systems for security, emergency and military applications around the world. The GR-135 system is available with Leidos's global training, maintenance and technical support.